• Data EncryptionAddon for Cherwell Service Management

Key Management

  • Security controlled with Cherwell Security Management
  • Secure backup/restore of keys
  • Encryption key generation for any field requiring encryption
  • Change encryption key at any time with no software programming or development

Cherwell Service Management Security Control

  • Uses the familiar CSM Administrator Security interface to control encryption/decryption security rights
  • Add/Revoke encryption/decryption security rights with ease and agility without further software programming or development resources

Unlimited Field Encryption/Decrypt

  • Select one or many fields from the Cherwell Service Management business objects structure
  • Includes fields from any user added business objects
  • Reconfigurable at any time without the need for further software programming or development resources
  • Add/Remove Field Encryption at any time (security controlled)

Business Benefits

  • Support compliance to industry data security standards

  • Agility to respond to changing compliance data security standards

  • No software programming or development needed to implement or maintain

  • Secure and protect any data (at rest) in Cherwell Service Management

About Data Encryption

Encryption of sensitive data is critical to many organisations running Cherwell Service Management. Organisations across many sectors have data security and encryption needs, and very often these needs change frequently to maintain mandatory conformity to industry and compliance standards. Cherwell Data Encryption is the only product available in the world that provide robust, unlimited user selectable field level encryption and decryption of any Cherwell Service Management field, whilst using Cherwell Security Management to control encrypt/decrypt security rights and in built encryption key management.

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