• HR Service MgmtmApp for Cherwell Service Management

Case Management

  • Tracking and audit history of all questions and issues
  • Tracking and audit history of all associated tasks
  • Automated workflow with event, timed and threshold based business rules
  • Service Level Management, Escalation and Notifications
  • Robust field or record level security
  • Knowledge Management

Business Intelligence

  • HR Executive Dashboards, Metrics and KPIs
  • HR Case Handler Dashboards and Queue Management
  • HR Customer Experience Dashboards, Metrics and KPIs

Self Service Portal

  • Web Portal Access
  • Case Management and Tracking
  • Knowledge and FAQs
  • HR Service Catalogue
  • Email Processing

Customer Experience

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • SMART Net Promoter Score
  • 1-Click Surveys

Business Benefits

  • Increased Staff Productivity

    Staff productivity gains will be realised by the reduction in time to process cases, re-work cases, and the overall elimination of process waste. HR Services staff will be able to do more high value work and better serve HR’s business colleagues.

  • Increased Business Satisfaction

    Business satisfaction is increased with SMART HR from efficient and accurate case management. When augmented with security controlled access to case records, knowledge and customer satisfaction surveys from the 24x7 self service portal, the overall service experience from HR increases dramatically. This is measured with the fully integrated SMART Customer Engagement toolset driving instant feedback and customer experience analysis from HR’s business colleagues.

  • Reduced Operational Costs

    Using SMART HR will increase human effectiveness from the elimination of time wastage, resulting in reduced costs. SMART HR will also deliver increased business operational efficiencies from strengthened requester/provider collaboration, accuracy of data and process consistency.

  • Continual Improvement

    Continual Improvement opportunities are identified from the introduction of best practices and process business intelligence leading to further increases in productivity, customer satisfaction and operational cost reduction.

About HR Service Management

HR Services requires excellence in service delivery to drive business customer satisfaction, staff productivity, operational cost efficiencies and continual service improvements. HR Service Management from Sollertis delivers best practice HR business capabilities straight out of the box. Built upon the worlds leading Service Management Platform from Cherwell Software, HR Service Management fully integrates into existing Cherwell Service Management implementations (SaaS or On-Premise) or can operate standalone as a new Cherwell Service Management instance (SaaS or On-Premise).

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