• Risk RegistermApp for Cherwell Service Management

Consistent Risk Tracking Process

Process and prioritise risks consistently and accurately through embedded status workflow and understanding of business and customer impact.

Track and Report on Critical Risk Data

Being able to report on risks provides critical business insight.
Understand trends and increase focus on areas of risk that require mitigation and avoidance, and spot opportunities for business advantage:

  • Affected Business Unit
  • Risk Type
  • Priority and Impact
  • Risk Ownership
  • Source of Risk
  • Associated Service, CMDB item
  • Life cycle and Status
  • Linked Business Outcomes

Linked Business Outcomes

Understand the impact of the risk on business outcomes both before and after the risk is tracked through to conclusion.

Business Benefits

  • Increased focus on business risk

    Implementation of risk management creates a culture tuned to business risk and provides a foundation to break down silos in how risk is managed.

  • Standardised Risk Reporting

    A standard and consistent process for recording and managing risk leads to standardised reporting. The Risk Register starts organisation along that path leading to formalised and best practice Risk processing standards.

    Tracking risks can improve focus of leadership by providing data that enables better risk mitigation decisions, understand risk appetite, risk thresholds and tolerances.

  • Risk Perspective

    When risks are understood and quantified the perspective towards risk can shift from mitigation and avoidance to a more complete view, where opportunities to exploit risk for business advantage and performance can be considered.

  • Coordination of regulatory and compliance matters

    Operational risks managed through the risk register can lead to greater coordination of data and activities associated with audits and reviews.

About Risk Register

The Sollertis Risk Register mApp can be merged into your Cherwell Service Management system as a stand alone capability or can be incorporated into the full Business Relationship Management mApp from Sollertis.

The Risk Register provide functionality to log, track and report against business risks.

Risk records can be linked to existing IT data such as Services, CMDB items and business outcomes (supplied within the Sollertis BRM and Business Value Dashboard Pack mApps).

Risks follow a standard workflow process to ensure each risk is managed consistently with the appropriate ownership, analysis with mitigation or opportunistic actions through to closure.

Business Risk reporting is supplied via Dashboards providing for greater understanding of all risks highlighting business risk trends and insight.

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