January 16, 2018

Digital vs analogue: the real reason why business and IT don’t get along

Whether you call it IT/business alignment, our preferred term of Convergence, or something else, the problem remains the same: there is a disconnect between what IT delivers to the business, and what the business actually needs. Simon Kent explains.
August 1, 2017

Overcoming the culture of fear which paralyses IT

Initiatives such as BizDevOps and Agile are designed to eliminate silos and improve the effectiveness and relevance of business technology delivered.  But they will only succeed if leaders remove a critical barrier: fear. 
July 13, 2017

How will BizDevOps help IT deliver results?

DevOps is designed to remove the silo mentality that limits the effectiveness of business IT.  But does it go far enough? We look at what BizDevOps means, why it is gaining traction and the crucial lessons to ensure a project delivers results.
March 20, 2017

Think SMALL to make big digital transformation impact

Digital transformation can be daunting.  Simon Kent says that by starting small, IT leaders can deliver short-term wins which lead to long-term cultural change.
November 28, 2016

Is DevOps being driven off the cliff?

DevOps is about improving the vital intersection between Development and Operations, yet the concept itself has reached a critical crossroads. Simon Kent says it’s time to adjust course before DevOps hits the road to disaster.