Portal Custom Survey Widget

Easy NPS includes a custom portal widget specifically for capturing NPS data in a modern interactive style.

NPS Dashboard and Widgets

Easy NPS ships with a Dashboard and associated Widgets specifically to report and surface aggregated customer and business user answers. The Dashboard displays critical experience insight:

  • NPS metric - number of Detractors
  • NPS metric - number of Promoters
  • NPS metric - number of Passives
  • Response Rate showing count and percentage
  • NPS metric - Net Promoter Score

Question of the Day

Question of the Day is managed through Cherwell and provides administrators and customer experience professionals the tools to set Net Promoter Score and customer sentiment questions that are then displayed and submitted from the Portal.

  • Question of the Day - set any question for Net Promoter Score or Sentiment measurement
  • Set Start Date - schedule when the question will become the active question in the Portal or manually set to be the active question.
  • SMART NPS Answers - collates all associated scores to maintain score results history and provide reporting data

Business Benefits

Capture Business and Customer Experience Effortlessly

Capturing customer and business user sentiment and feedback leads to service improvement and new initiatives. With Sollertis Easy NPS this is made possible with ease and speed. This essential Cherwell Service Management mApp and Add-on is installed and running in minutes.

Drive Continuous Service Improvement and Business Value

If you are unaware of negative feelings towards your service offerings or delivery you can never correct what's wrong and miss the opportunity to deliver innovation and business value. If you want to really drive business advantage through the delivery of amazing services then you must measure your customer and business user feedback and sentiment.

Burying your head will never yield the results that both you and your business colleagues and customers require. Grasp the opportunity and capture that sentiment today and every day.

About Easy NPS

Easy NPS is used to gather important data from users on how they feel about a particular service provided or a recent experience. This data is then displayed on the Customer experience dashboard. The data can be used to measure the value of a particular service to the business or help provide useful data to improve customer Experience. This will ultimately help towards continual service improvement. The Easy NPS Questions are managed through Cherwell with the resultant NPS survey question and sliders are displayed and used in the Portal for easy and engaging submission by business users.


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