Enterprise Service Management

Extend Service Management into the Business

Thousands of custom applications have been designed and built on top of the Cherwell Service Management platform, modernizing business processes and automating workflows such as employee on-boarding (HR), workplace management (Facilities), loan processing (Finance), and organizational compliance (Security).

With Cherwell's mApp™ solutions (or "merge-able applications"), you won't need skilled software developers or consultants to build new business applications; simply download mApp solutions into your Cherwell environment, and instantly extend new capabilities to other areas of the business.

Benefits of Cherwell Enterprise Service Management

Improve Business Productivity

Help internal customers engage business departments more efficiently through intuitive portals and forms that trigger automation of tasks, workflows, and request fulfillment. Replace phone calls, free-form email, walk-up requests, spreadsheets, and sticky notes as the primary means of documenting and tracking requests.

Slash Development Costs

If you can draw it on a whiteboard, you can build it in Cherwell—no skilled development, coding, or scripting resources required. Join the 71% of Cherwell customers who have built solutions beyond IT by creating new business applications and capabilities using intuitive drag-and-drop wizards—without touching a single line of code.

Instantly Deploy New Business Solutions

The Cherwell mApp Exchange offers dozens of pre-built enterprise service management solutions at no cost. Rather than build business applications from scratch, you can install our mApps in a matter of minutes, and quickly refine the solutions to meet your specific organizational requirements.

Deliver Business Intelligence and Reporting

Provide business units with metrics and KPIs that enable accountability, demonstrate value, and identify areas for improvement. All applications built on the Cherwell platform can be customized to deliver reporting and dashboards to guide decisions and optimize processes you've created.

Facilities Service Management

Cherwell’s Facilities Management mApp offers facilities teams the ability to scale to meet the needs of the business by automating workflows related to day-to-day work orders, work assignments, maintenance tasks, and Facilities-related projects. Work items and requests can be initiated by end users, department members, and project teams, as well automatically based on recurring schedules. An intuitive facilities portal is available for users to quickly request services or report problems in the physical environment. Teams and individuals can receive and update work orders assigned to them using a web browser, PC, tablet, or smartphone.

HR Service Management

Cherwell’s Human Resources (HR) Service Management solution is a combination of two mApps, HR Case Management and HR Employee Administration.

The HR Case Management mApp is a business solution enabling HR departments to deliver employee services quickly and efficiently and provide end users with a portal to manage their HR requests-removing bottlenecks associated with paper process, email requests, and siloed departments. The application allows fulfillment teams to streamline and automate common HR requests and provide focused knowledge to help solve issues before cases are created. The HR Employee Administration mApp manages all the tasks associated with the onboarding/offboarding processes ensuring that employees are provisioned with all the necessary information, training, tools, rights, and access in the shortest possible time.

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Information Security Management

The Information Security Management System (ISMS) mApp allows security teams to manage multiple security processes from within the Cherwell platform. The mApp leverages features such as the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and lifecycle processes to track critical security aspects related to the systems in your environment. Pairing this approach with the ability to align the security program with industry standards such as FedRAMP:2014, ISO 27001:2013, and ISO 9001:2015 allows you to incrementally improve your overall security posture.

IT Project Tracking

The IT Project Tracking mApp enables project managers to track the progress of projects throughout the defined lifecycles, ensuring projects are completed on time using the appropriate resources. With this solution, you can track project-related components (Deliverables, Cost Items, Project Members, Risks/Issues, Meeting Minutes, and Tasks) at a high level using custom workflows (Initiation, Awaiting Approval, Execution, Closing).