Incident Management

IT Incident Management Made Easy

he goal of IT Incident Management is to restore service operation as quickly as possible, while minimizing the impact to the business. IT teams looking to mature from reactive fire-fighting models to a consolidated IT service desk model use Cherwell's Incident Management capabilities to ensure the best possible levels of IT service quality and availability are maintained.

Cherwell® Service Management natively meets 100% of the PinkVerify 2011 general, core, and integration suitability requirements, offers a visual walk-through of all the important steps relating to incident management, and features multiple out-of-the-box incident automation processes.

IT Incident Management Features & Advantages

Native Support for ITIL Incident Management

Enjoy out-of-the-box compliance with eleven ITIL processes, including Incident Management.

Easy Customization of ITIL Processes

Quickly customize ITIL Incident Management processes using Cherwell's codeless design—no scripting or programming required, and your modifications won't break when you upgrade.

Question-Based Incident Assessment

Quickly and easily record the basic details of an incident, and begin classification and investigation immediately.

Incident Workflow Status Bar

Use the workflow bar to see the current phase of the incident as it moves through its workflow.

Contextual Incident Routing

Assign ownership of incidents to the appropriate individual or groups based on the information in incident record.

Automated Incident Cross-Referencing

Automatically cross reference incident records against the knowledge base and known-error database (KEDB).

One-Step Actions for IT Incident Management

Perform a variety of tasks associated with ownership, monitoring, tracking and communication with the click of a button.

Incident Reporting Capabilities with Built-in KPIs

Enjoy out-of-the-box incident dashboards and reporting with key performance indicators (KPIs) that enable your team to meet and exceed service level agreements (SLAs).