IT Operations Management

Simplify IT Operations Management

With the rise of hybrid cloud, self-service, DevOps, and automated service delivery, legacy approaches to IT operations management (ITOM) have become increasingly complex, expensive, and hard to maintain. For IT teams, these challenges are further compounded by technology silos that prevent streamlined access to ITOM data and optimized service delivery.

Cherwell offers a complete ITOM solution through technical partnerships with Microsoft, VMware, and FireScope, whose products integrate seamlessly with the Cherwell platform. A diverse range of Cherwell mApp™ solutions and integrations help to complete lifecycle management of IT services across private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Microsoft Cloud Platform

Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Operations Management Suite, and Microsoft Azure cloud services are trusted by organizations worldwide to manage IT operations. Integration with Microsoft monitoring, management, and provisioning are essential for effective IT operations and service delivery. Cherwell integrations with Microsoft solutions span asset discovery, inventory, monitoring, provisioning, and collaboration for comprehensive hybrid cloud service management.

VMware Automation

IT automation and IT operations across a heterogeneous and hybrid cloud are an essential aspect of cloud management. VMware solutions automate the delivery of infrastructure including virtual machines, applications, and custom IT services.

Cherwell collaborates with VMware to deliver a service-centric approach to infrastructure provisioning and management. With the Cherwell Orchestration Pack for VMware vRealize® Automation™, end-user requests can be managed, fulfilled, and instantly provisioned through a common service catalog. This integration leverages the power of Cherwell’s REST API and One-Step™ actions for automating common tasks.

FireScope Enterprise Service Monitoring

Performance and availability monitoring of infrastructure, applications, and services are essential for IT operations management. FireScope offers a quick path to discovering, modeling, and understanding application and service dependencies. Insight into these dependencies and integration with the Cherwell CMDB minimizes IT infrastructure risk, improves incident, problem, and change management outcomes, and enables effective root-cause analysis.

FireScope also provides a real-time view of all infrastructure components, proactively monitors performance and availability, and reveals infrastructure capacity, trends, and impending threats.