IT Purchasing System

A Purchasing System Designed for IT

If your organization is like most, the critical link between physical assets and purchasing data doesn't exist. Information is scattered among Excel spreadsheets, locked within a legacy system, or collecting dust in a file cabinet. This means you must manually reconcile IT asset data with purchase orders to ascertain your license position, know when contracts expire, or plan future purchases.

Cherwell® Asset Management offers a comprehensive purchasing system designed for IT. Purchasing data can be easily reconciled with inventoried assets, and everything you need is accessed, tracked, and reported on from a single interface.

Cherwell Asset Management IT Purchasing Capabilities:

Easily Track and Manage Purchasing Information

Enter or import unlimited purchasing details; track and manage contractual information including Microsoft Agreements, contract start and end dates, renewals, and custom fields; and set up access profiles to restrict access by user or department.

Reconcile IT Purchasing Data with Inventoried Assets

Connect physical assets with their corresponding purchasing information. Procurement data can be easily reconciled with inventoried equipment and software—so all the information you and other stakeholders need resides in a single location.

Allocate Assets and Costs

Assign IT purchases to individuals and/or organizational groups for budgeting, reporting, and chargeback purposes.

Get Notified When Contracts are Expiring

Configure e-mail alerts that notify you ahead of time when maintenance, lease, or service agreements are about to expire.