We unify IT to drive digital Transformation

Digital transformation harnesses the power of technology to gain competitive advantage and solve organisational challenges. We show you how to achieve it. By converging technology and business on an unprecedented scale, it is possible to systematically connect all IT work to corporate objectives. And by harnessing Business Relationship Management with Enterprise Portfolio Planning, DevOps and Agile ITSM and operations, your people are empowered to plan, build and run business IT solutions which deliver extraordinary business value and positively transform business outcomes.

What do we call this digital revolution? Sollertis Convergence.

What is Sollertis Convergence?

Sollertis Convergence is how we describe business and IT working together to define business strategy and lead digital transformation. It is where value is maximised from every IT investment, where cycle times are shortened, where continuous improvement is normal and businesses become competitive leaders through exploitation of technology.

But Sollertis Convergence isn't just a concept. It's also the name of our flagship product. Sollertis Convergence is the world’s most advanced solution for delivering IT service management and operational excellence, enterprise portfolio planning, IT-business convergence, Business Relationship Management (BRM) and BizDevOps.  Underpinned by the class-leading Cherwell Service Management platform, Sollertis Convergence unites IT and business like never before, blurring the lines between departments to create seamless collaboration and business value.

Sollertis Convergence is the first tool in the world which enables IT to lead business.

"I recall literally running to my IT Director’s office after the first demo to rave about what the combination of Sollertis Convergence and Cherwell could do for us in IT and our relationships with the University."

Tim Ingham
Head of IT Operations
University of Lincoln

Solutions to plan, build and run digital transformation at Speed

You need to deliver agile, flexible, technology based business capabilities and manage a dispersed IT environment. You also need to demonstrate value by connecting IT to corporate objectives. Finally, you need IT to take a leading role in defining the future of the business whilst maintaining business resilience. We can help.

Our solutions help you understand and articulate business priorities and strategy and connect that understanding to all IT work. Whether you are perfecting the fundamentals of Agile ITSM or tuning asset and IT operations management, or driving automation and self-service, we ensure your IT services are powerful, efficient and delivering value against those business priorities.

Here's why Sollertis Convergence is leading the digital business revolution

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