User Management

The New User Management mApp from Sollertis allows organisations to regain control of their Cherwell Platform, making password resets easier, and ensuring system security by preventing unauthorised access. All through one easy to use, automated tool.


When you’re dealing with User Access to your Cherwell system, managing access rights can become a burden on the Service Desk. Granting access to the system, resetting passwords and most importantly; disabling access at the required times can by onerous and is open to user error. Through our User Access Management mApp, organisations can alleviate the strain of managing access to their Cherwell Client with a set of tools designed for the Service Desk.

With the vast majority of Cherwell Customers utilising third-party suppliers to configure and maintain their systems, it’s important to know who has access and when; not only from a system maintenance and governance perspective, but to secure data. For your internal staff access linking this into your existing onboarding/offboarding process will be a much smoother process, and for those forgotten passwords a simple button press will allow you to reset and email the password to the user. No more jumping between tools to achieve this.

Through our Professional Services, we’ve identified at least one Administrator account that should have been disabled. The common response to this is ‘we have no easy way to maintain and control access so it doesn’t get done’. Not any more; with our User Access Management mApp, you can regain control and secure your Cherwell Platform with ease and automation.

Through Specific forms, requests for access can be made to access the Cherwell Client; informing the Service Desk of Name, Company, Reason and Time Period, ensuring all access requests are logged and auditable. Authorised personnel can then instigate our REST API web-calls to create a User Account, set a password and even set the security group the user should have access to. With a time period agreed, our mApp will automatically disable the account at the stipulated date, ensuring your system’s security.

Key Features

  • Lock/unlock user accounts in one click
  • Create new users
  • Auto-expire accounts when required
  • Team Management
  • Password Resets
  • Account Updates

Business Benefits

  • Secure your system
  • One-click Management
  • Reduction on need for Specialised Admins
  • Smoother onboarding/Offboarding


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