Ownership Audit

Audit Ownership of Business objects with an easy to use mApp, and automatically generate ownership tracking journals that can be summarised on dashboards and reports for comprehensive analysis.


Ownership Audit from Sollertis allows you to audit the ownership of a business object, including the tracking, auditing and time recording (real and SLA) for all classifications of ownership – Unassigned, Team Assignments and User/Induvidual Assignments.

The Ownership Audit mApp automatically generates a new Ownership tracking journal type allowing for full audit and reporting of all time and resource allocation for any record type (eg. Incident, Problem, Change etc). All Ownership tracking journals record parent record owner details, start and end date/time of ownership assignment, the real time duration of the ownership period and the SLA based time duration of the ownership period.

With this mApp, ownership tracking records in the journal can be summarised on dashboards and reports, and aggregated into summary information displayed on the parent record (eg. Number of owners across a lifecycle).

It is not uncommon to have teams ‘throw’ the record ‘over the fence’ without any tracking of this bad behaviour. Ownership Audit immediately prevents that behaviour as every change in ownership is recorded against the parent record for all to see (dependant on security).

In this mApp, the tracking process has been applied to the incident and problem business objects. However, ownership tracking can be applied to any business object with ownership fields where accountability and audit trail of record ownership and assignment is required.

Key Features

  • Audit ownership of business object
  • Automatically generate new ownership tracking journal type
  • Summary in dashboards and reports
  • Includes all ownership classifications

Business Benefits

  • Full Audit of assignments and changes of ownership
  • Accurate reporting of record ownership
  • Track ownership and assignment bounce rates


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