As Cherwell® Authorised training partners, Sollertis offer programmes that enable IT teams to operate Service Management systems that fully utilise the power of the Cherwell® Platform, and that provide constant value to the business.

Certified Training

Helping Teams to utilise powerful IT solutions

Training services to allow our customers to harness the true potential of their ITSM Solutions. Our Consultants are Cherwell® Authorised Training partners, meaning we can show you how to get the most out of your system. With our training, your teams can utilise every aspect of their ITSM Solution to operate an IT service with improved efficiency, and improved quality of service.

Our training ensures you have the tools needed to provide IT Service Management that adds real value to your organisation. Delivered by experienced Cherwell Service Management experts, our training provides unparalleled value and quality.

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Our training services cover a wide range of disciplines, giving organisations the ability to use IT in a way that drives business forward through continual service improvement and enhancements in efficiency.