Event Management

Manage network events with ease and efficiency: The Sollertis Event Management mApp allows users to rapidly assess events, determine response and diagnose issues, all from within Cherwell, keeping service desk teams informed of events when it matters most.


The Sollertis Event Management mApp is a quick and easy way to manage your Network Events more efficiently and enable a more proactive approach to network issues.

Network Monitor tools have the ability to notify teams when specific events occur on your network, from low disk space to network failures. Typically we see clients logging everything in Cherwell, sometimes as Incidents, and having to manually assess and action them accordingly. With the Sollertis Event Management mApp, your network events are stored in their own Business Object and allow you to assess the event and determine what actions need to take place; such as Archive or raise an Incident or Problem.

For events that occur regularly or when specific thresholds or priorities or impacts are met, we have built an easily configured engine to create templates and run actions on matching events; ensuring your network and/or Service Desk teams are kept abreast of events when it matters.

Through the automatic links of CIs, trends can be identified within Cherwell without the need to jump on to your network monitor tools. Such functionality not only helps network assessments but first line through to third line technicians. With access to affected users CMDB data, including events that may have occurred on their assets, technicians can diagnose issues quicker; identifying problematic devices with low disk space, memory spikes and much more, all from within Cherwell.

Key Features

  • Automatic CI Linking
  • Event Base Actions
  • Priority and Impact
  • Multiple Monitoring Tool Configuration
  • Create/Link Incidents
  • Create/Link Problems
  • Create/Link Changes

Business Benefits

  • Better Analysis of Events
  • Automate key alerts through Event Based Actions
  • Proactive Network Management


See it for Yourself

Get a demonstration of the Events Management mApp to see how it could help your organisation achieve IT Success through improved efficiency and continual service improvement.