sollertis | sol·ler·tis

adjective : clever, dexterous, adroit, expert, skilled, ingenious, accomplished

Who are Sollertis?

Founded in 2013, Sollertis are a Software developer and services provider, specialising in building modern, Agile IT Service Management Solutions. Since our inception, Sollertis has worked with hundreds of clients in both public and private sectors, providing IT Solutions that drive businesses forward. Using our unrivalled expertise and experience, our clients have been able to harness the potential of IT to automate processes, improve efficiency and implement new features and tools to enhance service quality and productivity. Our unparalleled ability to integrate new tools and create new solutions in the Cherwell Service Management platform makes us the natural choice for organisations looking for IT Service Management that provides real value for the whole business.

We pride ourselves on our Customer-Centric approach, with consultants working closely with clients; ensuring our solutions are adapted to the specific needs of your business, and deliver value to the organisation as a whole.

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How Can We Help?

Our extensive experience helps organisations achieve digital success using the Cherwell Platform. How could we help your organisation? Schedule a call to find out more.