Cherwell mApp Store

At sollertis, we use our unrivalled experience to create mApps that help businesses utilise the power of the Cherwell platform. From HR Service Management to complaints management, we have a range of applications for nearly any business function.

Complaints Management

Process complaints quickly and efficiently, allowing for continual service improvement with a customer centric approach.

Risk Register

Log, track and report against business risks, providing effective risk management, with the ability to link records to existing IT data.

Business Relationship Management

Sollertis Convergence is a BRM mApp that breaks down the barriers between IT and Business functions, creating a truly unified IT strategy.

Event Management

Simple, Easy to use Event Management mApp seamlessly integrated into the Cherwell Platform.

Ownership Audit

Audit ownership of business objects easily, with simple configuration for any business object, and full history of owners and time.

One-Click Survey

One Click survey allows customers to give vital feedback in one click, ensuring high response rates and creating a customer focused approach to service improvement.

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