Complaints Management mApp

The Sollertis Complaints Management mApp solution for Cherwell Service Management delivers full complaints process life cycle and reporting. Complaints Management can be installed as part of the full Business Relationship Management mApp suite from Sollertis or independently as a stand alone business process application for any line of business unit needing to process complaints in a consistent, auditable manner.


Effective complaints management provides vital service delivery and business insight. Good complaints handling fosters a culture that recognises the importance of customer feedback in continual service improvement.

The Sollertis Complaints Management mApp is a solution that provides an accurate, consistent prioritisation process through understanding of business and customer impact. With effective complaints management processes the profit sapping cycle is reversed, and improvements can be instigated to make permanent positive change.

With effective complaints management the profit sapping cycle is reversed, and improvements can be instigated to make permanent positive change and business transformations.

Well-handled complaints and service recovery can create and increase customer loyalty – a well-treated customer will likely tell 4 or more other people.

Poor handling of complaints can make an already bad situation much worse. Reputation damage can be very difficult and costly to overcome. Consider the costs associated with the delivery of good service that can be instantly wasted through poor complaints management. If and when you have a complaint, it is a business imperative to manage that complaint quickly, professionally and with the utmost efficiency, ensuring that your brand and reputation is restored.

Of course, It’s far better to get no complaints at all. However, when they happen then an opportunity arises to excel and turn the bad experience into a positive one.

Key Features
  • Affected Business Unit
  • Includes Compliment Mgmt
  • Priority and Impact
  • Complaint Ownership
  • Source of Complaint
  • Outcome
  • Life cycle and Status
Business Benefits
  • Customer Focused Culture
  • Operating Cost Reduction
  • Bolstered Customer Experience
  • Reduction in brand & reputation damage


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