One-Click Survey

When surveys are as simple as a single mouse click, your feedback response rate will dramatically increase. One-Click Surveys allows organisations to gather valuable user feedback on a large scale, enabling you to quickly identify issues in your service; making continual service improvement possible.



Whilst most organisations use surveys for one purpose or another, getting responses for these can often prove challenging. Many surveys simply aren’t completed due to their time consuming, complex nature, forcing users to answer multiple lengthy questions.

Sollertis One-Click Survey is an easy to deploy, easy to use solution that allows you to gather vital data from the users without them having to fill in time consuming surveys. The user simply clicks on the sentiment image and/or phrase that best matches their feelings, and they’re done. Sollertis One-Click Survey is built into resolution emails and can be completed in seconds with one mouse click. Thanks to this simple, hassle free system, you can expect a response rate of around 80% (compared to a multi question survey average of around 10-20%).

What’s more, responses are immediately displayed on the customer experience dashboard, allowing for fast, comprehensive analysis of results, enabling continual service improvement.


The Sollertis One-Click Survey solution includes experience level agreement (XLA) dashboards. Unlike SLAs, which focus on service availability, XLAs establish expectations for service performance. XLA reporting allows for greater insight into customer experience, making it easier than ever to improve service.

While only taking a few seconds to complete, One-Click Survey still allows users to give additional feedback and comments, allowing you to get detailed feedback when it matters. Having an efficient process for capturing customers feedback is vital to providing a service that meets users needs, and is constantly evolving and improving to become faster and more efficient.


Key Features

  • Configurable Landing Page
  • Hosting Available
  • Capture Comments
  • XLA Dashboards

Business Benefits

  • Immediate and Easy
  • Increased Feedback Response Rate
  • Utilises REST API
  • Easily Configured


See it for Yourself

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