Teams Chatbot for Cherwell

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It's Cherwell, but in Microsoft Teams

Provide fast, reliable support with an intelligent Chatbot that can be used on computer or mobile, giving customers an easy way to log issues, access knowledge, and more. With the Microsoft Teams Chatbot for Cherwell, users are able to interact with Cherwell, all from within Teams. Log new incidents, search knowledge articles, and integrate new tools to create an experience that meets your exact needs.

Available Everywhere

If it runs Teams, it can run the Chatbot. Optimised for use on Teams for Mobile, you can interact with Cherwell, search Knowledge and more; all whilst on the go. Responsive design ensures a seamless experience on mobile devices, whilst the user friendly design makes using the tool truly intuitive experience.

Chat vs Email

Collaboration tools are getting more and more popular by the day, and Microsoft Teams is leading the way. Through our own usage, we know that internal communications are best conducted via Chat rather than long email trails. More importantly, being able to chat directly with Users rather than via Groups or Channels is a must. Thats why we’ve developed a direct chat feature from Cherwell to our Chatbot.

Want a Chatbot for more than just Cherwell? Check out OneBot.

OneBot is a New, Smarter way of interacting with your favourite tools and applications, developed by Sollertis, available for Teams and coming soon to Slack.

Connecting to The Tools that Matter

Teams Chatbot for Cherwell provides a seamless experience, allowing users to interact with Cherwell, search knowledge, and more; without even leaving Microsoft Teams. Our Chatbot also provides the ability to integrate other services with the tool, allowing you to configure the chatbot in a way that meets your exact needs.

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