A tool that enables

ComAround Knowledge™ is an easy-to-use Knowledge Management and self service tool that specializes in capturing, structuring and sharing knowledge throughout the support flow. The tool is cloud based, KCS Verified v5, and integrates with ITSM tools thanks to ComAround Connect for faster and more efficient support.

KCS Verified v5

ComAround Knowledge™ has reached the highest KCS verification, KCS Verified v5, which is proof that the tool supports all eight KCS principles. Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) is a methodology that provides a detailed description of how support organizations should work with the knowledge base to improve support delivery, become more productive in the support organization, and increase service levels to the business.

Integrate your ITSM tools with ComAround Knowledge™

ComAround Knowledge ™ integrates with ITSM tools and applications for faster and more efficient support throughout the entire support flow. Service Desk can resolve issues without having to switch tools. End users can find solutions connected with the case registration. If you are already practicing KCS or planning to practice KCS, the integration between ComAround Knowledge™ and your existing ITSM solution will make your system KCS Verified in just a few days. Thanks to ComAround Connect with its APIs the complete solution will align with all eight KCS principles and the Solve and Evolve Loops.

The ComAround KCS experts are happy to show you what the integration will look like, the benefits of it and how you can work to support the KCS processes and work flows effectively.