BMC Helix Knowledge

BMC Helix Knowledge Management is an AI Knowledge Management Software specifically designed to streamline your support flow by building and sharing consistent and personalised knowledge across channels.

Accurate, consistent knowledge across channels.

BMC Helix Knowledge Management is a fundamental piece to provide a Transcendent Customer Experience for customers and internal users. It enables the company to share its knowledge base through the multi-channel strategy tailored to the user profile.

With real-time neural machine translation and high-performance cognitive search, it enables organisations to deliver the right information at the right time, in the right channel.

The solution is KCS® v6 Verified which ensures that knowledge stays current and relevant. Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) is a methodology that provides a best practice methodology and framework of how organizations can work with knowledge to improve the support experience. Led by some of the world’s leaders in knowledge management, KCS have been proven to have a dramatic impact on increasing user satisfaction and reducing overall support costs. To establish a KCS adapted workflow helps enable optimized AI/ML to perform and operate a peak efficiency.

With BMC Helix Knowledge Management, you get Intelligent knowledge powering the next level of enterprise service.

Want to find out more? Download our free beginners guide to KCS to learn more, and find out about how KCS helps businesses operate an efficient, effective Knowledge base

  • Real-time translation: See knowledge articles in the language you require from 100+ supported languages 
  • AI-powered search: Powerful intelligence provides a fast and accurate search experience for customers and knowledge workers that improves over time
  • Predictive insights: Advanced reporting and analytics provide predictive insights based on real-time user data
  • Out-of-the-box library: Hundreds of ready-to-use knowledge articles available for standard applications including Windows, Mac O/S, Outlook, Office 365, and more
  • Omni-channel integrations: Seamlessly integrated for faster and more efficient support throughout the entire support flow
  • KCS® v6 Verified: Full support for KCS best-practice methodology, enabling all eight principles, to ensure that knowledge stays current and relevant