Sollertis Convergence

Sollertis Convergence is a standalone Business Relationship Management (BRM) tool built within the Cherwell Platform, allowing organisations to break down barriers between IT and business functions. Using BRM to break down the legacy of IT silos, Sollertis Convergence eliminates barriers, allows people throughout the organisation work together, and delivers true digital transformation.


Sollertis Convergence allows organisations to manage critical activities and workloads, giving the ability to visualise relationships in detail, and providing a comprehensive relationship control centre. 

Sollertis Convergence offers a comprehensive dashboard showing every person, every department, every third party, every dependency, and every relationship; mapped out in vivid detail. Deep integration between Cherwell Service Management and Sollertis Convergence gives business leaders centralised control over business objectives and outcomes. 

Sollertis Convergence allows organisations to break down the barriers between IT and business functions, providing true digital transformation and allowing IT to drive business forward.

Convergence is a standalone BRM tool, built within the Cherwell Service Management Platform. Cherwell Service Management coupled with our unrivalled experience working on the platform allows for true configurability down to its codeless design, ensuring the individual needs of every client are met. 

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Key Features

  • Quick and Easy Customisation
  • Business objectives and strategy
  • Outcome and performance measures
  • Business Processes
  • Linked Service delivery

Business Benefits

  • Detailed visualisation of relationships
  • Unified Business and IT Strategy
  • Comprehensive Relationship Control Centre


What Could Business Relationship Management do for your business?

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