A Beginners Guide to BizDevOps

Why is DevOps so critical to converging IT and business? Should the concepts of DevOps be broadened to ensure that technology helps meet corporate objectives? And do we need to popularise a new name: BizDevOps to improve understanding and solidify our aims? In this guide, we look at the value of DevOps and its ultimate business purpose. We also consider whether its meaning has been clouded or even lost and therefore whether a new term needs to take its place.
After reading our beginners guide, you will: –
  • Discover the difference between DevOps and BizDevOps and why, in many cases, making the distinction between the two is vital for clarity and adoption
  • See how BizDevOps can improve front line services and efficiencies but also positively change the entire culture of delivering and improving business technology

  • Learn how BizDevOps works, including its key processes and concepts, the structured approach it encourages and how its methods are applied in business

  • Understand how BizDevOps connects with Business Relationship Management, Agile and continuous feedback to underpin digital transformation