CEOs take control as digital change makes business “unrecognisable”

Industries will be made “unrecognisable” because of the changes brought about by digital transformation, according to half of CEOs questioned by analyst Gartner.

The research, which questioned leaders of companies with revenues of $1 billion or more, found that rather than fearing technology or failing to grasp its significance, CEOs are bullish about its potential.  84% are expecting digital change to help them increase their profits because it will help them deliver the products, services and responsiveness that customers demand, leading to higher loyalty and customer spend.

Because the perceived potential value of digital change is so great, CEOs are increasingly opting to take primary responsibility, with the CIO then reporting to them.  This could have a profound impact on how IT is administered and managed in the future, and IT professionals need to be mindful of these dramatic changes. 

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