How can Chatbots help reduce pressure on Service Desks?

In the quest for greater efficiency and a more satisfactory service for users, chatbots are fast becoming a great way of reducing pressure on Service Desks, freeing up valuable time and responding to users needs quickly.

Over the last few years, chatbots have gone from novel new technology to everyday tool. From your favourite websites to getting tech support on a new product, the chances are you’ve used a chatbot. In fact, according to research by CX brand Acquire, 1.4 Billion people use chatbots on a ‘fairly regular’ basis. But what is it that makes chatbots so attractive for the businesses that use them, and how could they help organisations such as your own? This month, we’re going to be looking at how a well implemented chat tool can help Service Desks provide a more efficient service, without the stress.

If you’ve any experience of Service Desks, you’ll know how much time can quickly be swallowed up by repetitive, predictable tasks. Think password resets and the like. These monotonous, repetitive tasks make for an overstretched team, unable to devote time to the more complex issues in need of the ‘human touch’. In turn, this can harm the very quality of the service provided, as response times lengthen for these more complex of issues. The truth is, many of these simple, more repetitive issues are just the ones that could be dealt with by a well implemented chatbot solution such as OneBot.

Take needing to download a new piece of software, or a password reset. Where users might once have needed to contact the support desk directly for support, with a chatbot, users can navigate this process themselves. Users can be directed straight to a password reset page, or even to a knowledge article outlining how to reset a password or download new software. All the while, the team at support can worry about the more pressing and complex issues that are a better use of their time and expertise. When implemented correctly, and with the features of the chatbot in alignment with the needs of the business, this can be a win-win situation – Service Desk staff can worry less about the day to day niggles that seemingly swallow time like an inescapable vacuum, while users get the support they need quickly, without the need to rely on a service desk likely already facing a significant workload.

So, you’ve seen us explain how a chatbot can help users navigate small issues, and save service desks some time. But what about for the less simple of issues? Well, let’s say a user wants to log a new ticket – their laptop is playing up, and a piece of software they use regularly isn’t working properly. In this instance, chatbots can act as brilliant ‘intermediaries’; sorting through information to determine the severity and urgency of an issue, providing users with a short term response and allowing Service Desks too view the issue without needing to jump on any unnecessary calls. If it’s urgent, the Service Desk can quickly get in touch with affected users, already armed with a description of the issue from their chatbot interaction. If the request is less severe, or requires further explanation, SD staff can request this all from within the chatbot, allowing for an informed decision to be made about how and when to approach the issue.

OneBot is an innovative new chatbot solution that allows users to interact with their favourite tools and applications in a smarter, more efficient way. Available on Teams and coming soon to Slack, and with a range of integrations including for Cherwell Service Management and Comaround Knowledge Management, OneBot helps to reduce pressure on Service Desks and provide a comprehensive Self Service Solution. Want to learn more about OneBot, and see how it could help your business? Go to or click here to get a free demo and no obligation quote.

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