The Growing Importance of Chatbots

How will chatbots change the way IT Service Desks provide support to users?

Of the many emerging trends in the world of IT, arguably the most talked about of those is automation and AI. More and more processes are being automated, with new and intelligent solutions being found to create more reliable and efficient ways of working. But what about when intelligence is used in customer facing environments? Along with the tens of thousands of self-checkouts found in our supermarkets, a new form of intelligent self-service has taken off – the chatbot. 

Go to any active website of any actively trading business, and the likelihood is, you’ll find a little chatbot hiding away in the corner. Need to find out more information about a product? Ask a chatbot. Need to find out how to do something on your new piece of software? Chatbot. Want to find out more about a service? Chatbot for that, too. And sure, many of these may be a simple messaging platform that alert a employee to your message so they can deal with your query; but more and more, chatbots are being used to provide a new and quicker way to deliver support. With intelligent language processing allowing chatbots to work out what it is you’re after, and provide that information in an easy to digest message format. 

Chatbots are becoming more popular, and it’s pretty easy to see why. With automated responses, users are able to access the support they need, instantly, without the need to wade endlessly through support documentation or contact the Service Desk. This truly self-service solution means pressure on Service Desk staff is significantly reduced, as users only require the support of a member of support staff if the chatbot can’t find the solution itself. Otherwise, the chatbot can collect all the information to log a new incident ticket, provide knowledge articles from an organisation’s knowledge base, and more. When implemented correctly, chatbots can have a notable positive effect on the quality of service – Shortening response times, and providing a platform that users can use any time, and anywhere, from a variety of devices. 

At Sollertis, our development team have been hard at work trying to create an intelligent chatbot tool that can do all these things; Reduce pressure on Service Desks with a self-service chatbot for IT Service Desks, while providing a truly enjoyable and efficient service for usersAfter thousands of hours of development and testing, we’re proud to present OneBot, the smarter way to interact with your favourite tools and applications. Available on Microsoft Teams and coming soon to Slack and the web, OneBot provides a comprehensive self-service solution that allows users to access the support they need, when they need it. With our integration for Cherwell Service Management, users are able to log tickets, view existing issues and search their organisations knowledge base, all without leaving their favourite communication platform. Over time, we hope to launch OneBot to more platforms and create new and exciting integrations, allowing users and organisations to interact with their favourite tools and applications in a new, more straightforward way. 

Want to find out more about OneBot, what it can do and how it looks? You can find out more at Alternatively, you can book a demo with our OneBot team by clicking here.

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