ComAround partners with Sollertis as part of its expansion into Europe

“We are very proud to say that we have signed a partner agreement with Sollertis covering the UK market. Thanks to an increased focus and more partners, ComAround is helping professional support organisations around Europe to succeed with knowledge management and self-service. Choosing to work with Sollertis as our first UK partner is not a coincidence. Sollertis focus on processes that improve business value. They understand that smart knowledge management systems are essential to increasing value through knowledge”, said David Aadne, ComArounds European Business Development Manager.

ComAround helps support organisations to succeed in their knowledge management and self-service efforts. The company provides training, advice, and tool based on the best-practice method called Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS). ComAround’s customers are predominately US and Scandinavia, and the company now has its sights set on the UK.

“Choosing to work with Sollertis was a natural choice for ComAround,” comments Per Strand, CEO and co-founder of ComAround. “We are noticing a greater interest in improving knowledge management and KCS processes in Europe; two strong trends include companies that understand the value of a specialised knowledge management tool that supports their KCS processes and companies who are consolidating. Also, we are seeing increased interest in our knowledge management tool from companies in parts of Europe that are new to ComAround, which are looking to improve the service they offer their users and customers. These are often highly professional support organisations that know what they are looking for. Considering all of this, the next step for us is to expand our venture in the UK market”.

“Our partnership with the leading KCS solution provider in Europe means that we have capabilities to unify the business”

“As part of our initiative to converge IT with the business and help organisations realise greater business value, ComAround allows Sollertis to present a best of breed knowledge management solution to our customers. We already cover a vast array of solutions from ITSM, ITAM, ITOM and BRM, adding a comprehensive solution in knowledge management into our portfolio strengthens our ability to deliver a full suite of IT-business convergence solutions to the market. Our partnership with the leading KCS solution provider in Europe means that we have capabilities to unify the business”, said Kevin Baker, CEO of Sollertis Ltd.

About ComAround
ComAround is a Knowledge Management and Self-Service specialist. Professional support organisations worldwide use ComAround Knowledge™ to streamline the support they provide by capturing, structuring, and sharing knowledge throughout the business. The tool is KCS Verified v5 and can be easily integrated with other ITSM tools thanks to ComAround Connect. ComAround’s experts are on hand to guide you through and educate you on Knowledge Management and KCS.

About Sollertis
The first and only vendor to develop a dedicated Strategic Business Relationship Management (BRM) platform, ‘Sollertis Convergence™,’ that enables IT to lead business through value-centred unified IT and IT business convergence. Sollertis are a leading software and services firm that help organisations accelerate IT and Business strategic convergence, business relationship management, IT and enterprise service management, and achieve measurable business value through value management, value realisation, and digital business success from a value-centred unified IT. Sollertis deliver a proven ‘real-world’ approach to IT Business Value, through their flagship product ‘Sollertis Convergence™,’ built on award-winning ITSM business technology, recognised by leading industry analysts worldwide. Sollertis Convergence customers enjoy rapid deployment across the LOBs including, Human Resources, and IT. Sollertis CEO and Founder Kevin Baker and his team have deep expertise in the service management and business relationship management sectors including senior directors who serve on leading industry steering committees and panels. Additionally, Simon Kent, Chief Innovation Officer at Sollertis, also holds the post of BRMI (Business Relationship Management Institute) Regional Leader and Global Ambassador for UK and Europe.  Sollertis are ITSM and BRM technology implementation experts and operate across all industry sectors, specialising in the Public Sector, Higher Ed, Retail, Pharma and Finance. Sollertis are transparent, easy to work with, and always place customer success first. Headquartered in Swindon, UK and partnered with the BAT (Business Acceleration Technology) Worldwide Premium Alliance and members of the Business Relationship Management Institute. The Sollertis team are proud ‘BRMI Trailblazer 2016 award winners’, ‘SDI Implementation of the Year Award finalists 2015 & 2017’, and the sole contributing vendor to the ‘SDI Service Desk Certification Global Best Practice Standards’.

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Team Sollertis
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