Happy #BRMDay – Why Strategic BRM is critical to digital business success!

Today is #BRMDay, the internationally recognised day that celebrates the outstanding work of Business Relationship Managers throughout the world.

As a BRMP (Business Relationship Management Professional) and proud holder of a BRMI Trailblazer 2016 award from the Business Relationship Management Institute, I am honoured to be a part of this outstanding community and profession.

This is a profession that has often been overlooked in terms of it’s strategic important to business outcomes; it’s a profession that has sometimes had to represent poor service provider delivery and perceived lack of business value; it’s a profession that has had to ‘take it on the chin’ from unhappy business colleagues when there’s been a poor provider experience; it’s a profession that sometimes makes you wonder how they even get up in the morning to take that kind of battering.

And yet, this steadfast group of professionals are leading and guiding businesses through one of the major revolutions of our time; digital business transformation.

This revolution of business practices, operating models and organisational change management is now a matter of concern for not just the CIO, CDO, CTO, but this goes right to the table of the CEO and the executive board. It’s a matter of business survival and business sustainability, balancing risk and resilience against growth, innovation and flexibility; it’s a matter of how business applies technology resources, assets and services to achieve the maximum business value against this backdrop of the digital agenda.

So who, with their strategic training and certification (BRMP and CBRM), should the CEO and C-Suite turn to in these revolutionary times? When there is an understanding of ‘what is strategic BRM’ the answer becomes plainly obvious and stares at us square in the face…

Strategic BRM is the capability, role and discipline that must be accelerated and invested in now. Check out our Beginners Guide to BRM.

This is the role that maps business capabilities and outcomes to technology provider capabilities; who surfaces, stimulates and shapes business demand for provider services and technology innovations; who carries the responsibility of value realisation from technology portfolio investments; who ensure that technology service improvements are mapped against business outcomes and strategic objectives; who navigates the business, provider and supplier landscape to orchestrate the resources to achieve the best business value outcome; who works in the customer arena to identify areas of customer experience improvements that could save the company from competitors…

…this is probably one of the most critical roles that has been overlooked and marginalised…

…until now.

Happy #BRMDay to my fellow BRM’s from the entire team at Sollertis, you’re awesome and your CEO’s will love you.

Learn more about enabling Strategic BRM at http://www.sollertisltd.co.uk/businessrelationshipmanagement.htmlhttp://brminstitute.org/ , http://instrumentalbrm.com, and discover how Strategic BRM and Digital Convergence can accelerate your digital business success.

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