Signature mApp

Our free signature mApp allows users to create and use custom signatures to emails within Cherwell, for any business object, with full customisability. What’s more, it’s completely free.


Getting your messaging right is always important; and having an easily recognisable, branded email signature with all the right information is a great place to start.

The Signature mApp for Cherwell allows Cherwell users to create fully customised Signatures within the Cherwell platform, creating more consistent, professional branding across your messaging.

Signature mApp provides the ability to create signatures for individual users, teams, departments or specific processes. The signature editor provides full customisation, with an ability add images, test and links to company websites, intranets or more.

Our free mApp is easy to implement and use, and can be set up for any business object, providing complete convenience and flexibility. Users can create a range of signatures, and set default signatures within the tool for specific users, teams and departments.

With custom signatures for individual users, teams and departments, messaging is made more consistent, giving your emails a distinct identity. It also provides the perfect opportunity to link to department intranets, portals, organisation websites, and email.

Key Features

  • Fully customisable signatures
  • Signatures for users, departments, or teams
  • Ability to set default signatures, set up for any business object

Business Benefits

  • Consistent branding & messaging
  • Convenient ability to link to external intranets
  • Individual identity for specific teams and departments


Want our Free Signature mApp?

Our signature mApp is completely free. Just get in touch and book a meeting using the button below and we’ll do the rest.