Sollertis and Excalibur Data Systems announce strategic partnership

Sollertis and Excalibur collaborate to deliver Business Relationship Management and Digital Business Transformation Management solutions on the Cherwell Service Management platform to North American customers.

March 17, 2016

Swindon UK – Sollertis, a leading European Cherwell Software partner, today announced a partnership with Excalibur Data Systems, a top Cherwell Partner for North America based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Together, Sollertis and Excalibur will deliver the Sollertis Business Relationship Management (BRM) and Digital Business Transformation solution, developed as a mergeable application (mApp) on the Cherwell Service Management platform.  The solution delivers strategic BRM capabilities to senior professionals of service provider business units and organisations.

BRM is the enabler of Digital Business Transformation through the disciplines of Demand Shaping, Exploring, Servicing and Value Harvesting (the four pillars of Business Relationship Management according to the BRMI – the Business Relationship Management Institute with over 12,000 members in the USA).

Vance Brown, CEO and co-Founder, Cherwell Software commented, “The Business Relationship Management and Digital Business Transformation Management solution from Sollertis demonstrates the power and flexibility of Cherwell mApp solutions and the Cherwell Service Management platform. The partnership between these top Cherwell partners demonstrates the power of the Cherwell mApp strategy in delivering first class solutions to the enterprise beyond IT”.

“This partnership with a top North American Cherwell partner provides Sollertis the reach into markets that are crying out for our solution” says Simon Kent, Chief Innovation Officer with Sollertis. “Business Relationship Management has reached a level of maturity in the US and Canada such that organisations could fully benefit from the functionality of the Sollertis solution in delivering outstanding business outcomes.“

Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Excalibur Data Systems, John Kleist, commented “The ability to offer a solution for aligning and converging IT to defined business outcomes is a real game-changer for organizations looking to transform IT from what has typically been viewed as a cost center to an innovative digital business partner. The Sollertis BRM mApp solution shifts the conversation from how much does this IT service cost, to, what is the business value provided by the service. Adding the Sollertis BRM solution to Excalibur’s growing portfolio will further enable our clients to expand the use of the Cherwell Software ITSM automation platform beyond IT.”

About Sollertis

Sollertis is the software developer of Business Relationship Management (mApp), SMART ITSM, SMART HR, Easy NPS, 1-Click Survey Solutions built on and integrated with Cherwell Service Management®, an award winning business technology and IT service Management (ITSM) platform recognized by leading industry analysts worldwide. Sollertis is a leading ITSM software implementation and Cherwell Software services partner with a combined experience of over 500 ITSM, BRM and CRM customer implementations worldwide. Sollertis has deep expertise in the service management, workforce enablement and business process industry, including senior staff members who serve on leading industry steering committees and panels. Sollertis are a member of the BAT (Business Acceleration Technology) Premium Alliance with capabilities to deliver and serve customers worldwide and active members of the BRMI (Business Relationship Management Institute).

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About Excalibur Data Systems

Excalibur Data Systems help organizations improve, align, integrate and automate their IT and business operations. With a team of industry experts, their continual process improvement approach enables their clients to implement reliable, robust, feature-rich and cost-effective solutions.As a leading Cherwell Software Partner for more than 8 years and having participated in hundreds of Cherwell implementations in nearly every industry, Excalibur is uniquely positioned to help their clients successfully plan, design and implement solutions to master their IT and business processes.

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