Spending on digital transformation to top £2.2 trillion

Digital transformation is extending beyond the enterprise to help create a hyper-connected society which will generate more than $2.2 trillion in technology revenue by 2020.

Research from analyst IDC says the market for intelligent systems which link previously unconnected devices will lead to unprecedented change in every sector and industry, blurring the lines between personal and business technologies.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is just the beginning as Smart IT introduces powerful automated systems which give businesses more time to react to customer demands and deliver more innovate products and services.

Major manufacturers such as GE, Siemens, GM, Bosch, Ford and Samsung are pouring millions of R&D spend into digital transformation, creating a creative environment in which IT is thought of not in terms of servers and computers, but as a tool for unlocking doors and changing the way do business.

The change in attitude towards IT, and the opportunity it affords IT professionals is staggering.  Business IT has quickly moved from an unloved, niche service, to become a strategic enabler and organisational cornerstone.  But as smart IT permeates every facet of society, the potential for individuals and teams to create technologies that transform lives is truly an exciting prospect.

IT is no longer a drab, unexcited career. IT is ushering in a future where systems and processes are flexible and customisable, and where technology is used to unleash creativity, rather than stifle it.  The IT professional who embraces this momentum will become increasingly valued in business and society.  We are on the brink of the most exciting period of IT’s brief history, so it’s time to take advantage.

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Kevin Baker
Kevin has been in the IT service management industry for over 12 years and has an extensive background in software development, professional services, and business management. He founded Sollertis in 2013 on the core belief that people working together can achieve anything and truly make a difference both in and out of the work environment. Today, under Kevin’s leadership, Sollertis is a leading IT and Business Convergence solution provider, that inspire, coach, develop and deliver success in ITSM, knowledge management, and business relationship management to organisations across multiple sectors world-wide.
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