Technology revolution slowed by digital transformation skills shortage

A lack of digital transformation skills means that IT leaders’ ambitious plans to overhaul public services may not be able to gain momentum.

A survey of 390 government CIOs by analyst Gartner has found that digital transformation is seen as crucial for overhauling antiquated operational and service models in the public sector, but the skills needed to steer these projects are in short supply.

Despite the problems recruiting the right people to drive plans forward, 80% of government organisations will be involved in digital transformation within the next five years.  Market conditions are adding to the pressure to find the right people according to Gartner analyst Rick Howard.

“With this much-anticipated business process impact on the horizon, there is a high risk to CIOs of not being able to keep up with IT innovations.  This risk will compound over the next five years if IT budget pressures increase and the spread of business unit level IT, or shadow IT, is not strategically coordinated and managed.”

The digital transformation skills shortage is however not isolated to the public sector.  Most businesses are currently struggling to move IT from its legacy past as a reactive technical delivery department, into becoming a dynamic business unit using technology to meet corporate objectives.  Doing so requires a major mindset shift and very different skills, but the rewards for those businesses who make the transition are great. 

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