The mantra all successful IT professionals will follow in 2016

Technology is becoming ever more pervasive and important to business and this year, there’s one mindset that will separate those IT professionals treading water, and those delivering value to the business.

The pressure of working at the coalface of IT delivery means it is difficult to retain clear objectives.  However, there is one phrase we believe should be held as a mantra guiding all decisions and actions carried out by IT departments: 

“Convert the potential of technology into positive business outcomes”

IT is often guilty of being inward-looking, with metrics and processes that act in the best interest of the IT department, not necessarily the business it is serving.  This mantra reminds IT to be aware of the context and value of the services it delivers, because otherwise it is providing technology for technology sake.

There are many skills involved in helping the business unlock the potential of IT, and we’ll be offering plenty of advice on this topic in the coming months.  This will include looking extensively at the importance of Business Relationship Management, the ITIL process set to come into its own this year.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates: @sollertisltd

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Picture of Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker
Kevin has been in the IT service management industry for over 12 years and has an extensive background in software development, professional services, and business management. He founded Sollertis in 2013 on the core belief that people working together can achieve anything and truly make a difference both in and out of the work environment. Today, under Kevin’s leadership, Sollertis is a leading IT and Business Convergence solution provider, that inspire, coach, develop and deliver success in ITSM, knowledge management, and business relationship management to organisations across multiple sectors world-wide.
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