Adopt two-step, bimodal IT to embrace digital transformation

IT leaders are being warned that they must develop a two-step culture within IT to create a regular stream of digital transformation initiatives.

Bimodal IT is according to analyst Garner about maintaining the core day-to-day IT operations (Mode 1), but introducing small-scale projects (Mode 2) so that products and services can be safety piloted, honed and introduced to the business.

Gartner says that 75% of organisations will have introduced some form of bimodal working by the end of next year as part of their move towards agility and ultimately digital transformation.

It’s a sound concept and one that will be familiar to most organisations already, albeit using different terminology.  Businesses have long since tested and built proof of concept projects as a way to pilot services, but the pace of change demanded by digital transformation does require a more structured, methodical approach.  Therefore, concepts like bimodal are useful because they get IT used to a permanent state of reinvention and evolution – exactly the state the business needs it to be in for digital transformation to deliver value.

However, a two-tier development structure alone will not deliver transformation.  The importance of Business Relationship Managers (BRM) cannot be overstated in making this theory into a successful reality.  Having individuals overseeing the Mode 2 projects, providing a conduit between key stakeholders and ensuring that desired outcomes link to strategic objectives are crucial to ensuring the bimodal approach delivers.

Relationships are rarely considered when plans are drawn up or notes sketched out in a strategic plan.  Yet it is people, relationships, passion and endeavour which ultimately decide whether something succeeds in business.   Overlooking business relationships management is the reason why so many IT plans fail, yet business leaders continue to scratch their heads wondering why their meticulous plans collapse.  Smart businesses are realising and correcting this oversight by recognising the power of Business Relationship Management.

Will BRM save IT?  

Spending on digital transformation to reach $2.2 trillion.

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