Good Work-Life Balance, How Important Is It?

Work-life balance is critical to a successful & productive life. Benefits include family, leisure & personal health. Here, we discuss the importance, benefits & ways to achieve better balance. The Benefits of a Good Work-Life Balance Having a good work-life balance can bring about a plethora of advantages. Not only can it improve mental health […]

How can chatbots provide better customer experiences?

Our previous article touched on how having a well implemented chatbot solution can work wonders for Service Desks, reducing pressures and freeing up valuable time for staff. In this article we shift our focus, looking at the impact of chatbots from the customer’s side.

How can Chatbots help reduce pressure on Service Desks?

In the quest for greater efficiency and a more satisfactory service for users, chatbots are fast becoming a great way of reducing pressure on Service Desks, freeing up valuable time and responding to users needs quickly.